Haligraphix is a digital marketing business based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. My name is Bruce Tracy and I am the owner of Haligraphix. Whether your business is just starting up, or if you've been operating for several years, we can help you with your marketing, graphic design and web design needs. Contact us today and book an appointment. I'd love to learn about your business and to have the opportunity to show what we can do for you.

Web Design:

A record number of people are relying on the internet for their shopping, banking, social media and for getting their news. A website has never been more important for the fiscal health of businesses. 

At Haligraphix, we will build, or fix your website that will be a true reflection of your business.  It will be made with a responsive design and will look great for all devices.

Graphic Design:

Logos, business cards, branding kits, graphics for web and print. Haligraphix will work with you for all of your graphic design needs, even 2D animation. Whatever your budget, we can help your brand get the recognition it deserves.

What We Do

Digital Marketing:

You have a great business, or idea for a business. So, how do you get people to notice? And, more importantly, how do you draw customers to your business? With Haligraphix, you are in the right hands. We will get you in front of your ideal customers, through targeted marketing.



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